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price : $445.00

the module is a four-channel cv recorder/looper that records and plays back voltage curves from very slow speeds, to faster speeds by moving the controllers. you can record control voltage courses from analogue sequencers, lfos, envelope generators, joysticks etc...

the input/output cv's of each channel can ranges from -5v..+5v or 0..+10v. source is the cv source of the track for the recordings. this can be the cv input, the potentiometer, or both. zoom is a two stage fine adjust function of the control ruler.

synchronization via clock or midi and "punch-in" recordings are possible. the output is a smoothed voltage without audible increments (algorithm with 16 bit resolution). while the clock/midi synchronisation is used, they have two different levels (hard/soft) for the cv interpolation.

independent of selected sync mode, the recording time per channel is up to one hour (such us midi clock).

function link: all four channels can be used individually or in groups of two, or four tracks at any one time (for multitrack or joystick recording).

there are different playback modes and several functions for the playback controls. the different modes include: one-shot, triggered by a gate, a push-button or by midi-start/stop. the sample can be looped as well.

using the scan mode, the recorded sample can be scanned via cv input or the pot of the channel. it is possible to maually play the track velocity and direction (feasible effects: reverse, randomized, stuttering).

the start point, end point and the speed of playback or of the loop is set with the cvs or pot (functions: start, lenght, speed).

the memory is non-volatile, as such, the recordings and settings remain unchanged when the modular system is powered down. software updates are possible via midi sysex dump. midi adapter is included with the unit.

per channel:
record/functions cv input (-5v..+5v or 0..+10v)
record/clock input 0/+5v
play trigger/gate input 0/+5v
cv output (-5v..+5v or 0..+10v)

midi input via record/clock input of channel one

standard accessory:
midi adapter cable (din to 1/4inch stereo jack)

3u euro rack module
14hp wide
42mm deep
current draw: ca. 160ma at +12v and 50ma at -12v

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