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x-4: poly envelope vca - quad vca

price : $239.00

X-4: Poly Envelope VCA - Quad VCA

the flame "x-4" is a compact multifunctional 4x envelope / vca module. thus in a very small space (10te) 4 ar envelopes and 4 separate vcas are combined.

the module complements quad vcos (eg flame "4vox") and adds 4 vcas and envelopes in a small space. each channel can be used separately as an ar envelope generator with vca, or even as a vca.

there is a three-level switch for three different envelope rates from extremely short to long available.

with the sliders, the envelope shape is set morphing (also adjustable by cv). in addition, the envelope can be looped (gated ad envelope loop).

there are three modes:
ar: four cv controllable separate attack / release envelopes on 4 vca channels (per gate)
ad: four cv controllable separate attack / decay envelopes on 4 vca channels (oneshot per trigger)
vca: four cv-controllable separate vcas

signal inputs: audio or cv inputs ±5v
signal outputs: audio or cv outputs ± 5v
cv-env / vca inputs: 0 .. + 5v cv control inputs for envelopes or vcas directly
gate inputs: trigger / gate envelope channel inputs 0 / + 5v

size: 10te
electricity requirement: approx. + 60ma / - 30ma

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