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flight of harmony

price : $159.00

our imp module is pulled from the infernal noise machine and designed to bring ethereal voices, growling drones, abrasive and tonal noise to your eurorack format modular. how does the imp produce such a wide palette of sounds? we put the oscillator subservient to the noise generator.

the result is then filtered through one of eight frequency ranges, divided into two banks ('high' and 'low') of four domains. domain four is lowest in frequency while domain one is highest. four is audio, one is nearly ultrasonic. domain one is where you will find the oddest/most ethereal noises: static, wind, the impression of voices. within the domain, there are two key functions: frequency and range.

frequency controls the main frequency within the selected domain it sweeps over the entire domain (depending on range, see following). the fine control sweeps up to 1/5 of the size of the band that coarse control does.

range controls how wide of a sweep frequency covers. coarse and fine control work the same for the range function as they do for frequency.

each of these features a width control, which controls the "width" of the band of the current domain that the fine controls cover, hence the "up to 1/5". in domain one, wide open is best as the bands of sound are very narrow, so it is best to set the width all the way down to find the hidden sweet spots.

in other words, a quarter of the possible frequency range is selected by domain, and the other controls select how much of that domain the frequency control can sweep across. the coarse control is for a broad sweep over the domain, and the fine control is for finding the perfect "sweet spot".

the resulting output is then passed through a variable low-pass filter - allowing you to control the amount of high-end madness that can ensue from working in the higher domains.

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