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power (eurorack format; with u.s. adaptor)

price : $99.00

power (eurorack format; without adaptor)

price : $85.00

power is a 10hp power supply for eurorack systems, has outputs of 12vdc at 1a each, on/off switch, and indicator leds for each rail. the mounting depth is 40mm (1 9/16?). it uses a 12vac wall adapter (included) to keep the transformer outside of the rack and avoid hum and magnetic coupling issues. includes 13? doepfer-style 18awg wire harness with quick-connect connectors.

nominal output voltage: 12vac
rated output current: 1000ma or greater

type of plug: barrel style
inner diameter: 2.1mm
outer diameter: 5.5mm
length of barrel: 9.5mm

click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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