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rnc (really nice compressor) 1773

price : $175.00

how it's done:
the rnc achieves such high performance at a low cost by using evolutionary advances in digital technology, coupled with the best analog has to offer. using digital controls and an all-analog signal path, the rnc offers accurate, precise controls and a clean tonal character.

the rnc provides two modes of operation: normal and supernice tm. normal mode allows the rnc to be used for everyday compression tasks, like punchy snare drums or bass guitars, and is great for everything from gentle compression to serious squashing. supernice mode provides near-invisible signal compression for sensitive material where compression artifacts are less desirable (like vocals, acoustic guitar or the program bus).

how it sounds:
in a word: transparent. the rnc yields clean, airy compression with few artifacts and little high end loss, even at massive gain reduction. this amazing performance is why many professionals are calling the rnc one of the best sounding compressors for under $2000.

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