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plus module (1pc x 42hp)

price : $69.90

Plus Module (1pc x 42HP)

plus row extension pack (4pcs x 42hp)

price : $249.90

Plus Row Extension Pack (4pcs x 42HP)

plus wood sides dark combo pack (2pc set)

price : $39.90

Plus Wood Sides Dark Combo Pack (2pc Set)

plus wood sides light combo pack (2pc set)

price : $39.90

Plus Wood Sides Light Combo Pack (2pc Set)

plus wood sides spotted combo pack (2pc set)

price : $39.90

Plus Wood Sides Spotted Combo Pack (2pc Set)

silta power board 6hp module with flying bus

price : $179.90

SILTA Power Board 6HP Module with Flying Bus

silta power brick 90w us

price : $59.90

square nuts pack (100 pcs)

price : $3.90

Square Nuts Pack (100 PCS)

∅3 black plastic washers pack (100 pcs)

price : $9.90

∅3 Black Plastic Washers Pack (100 PCS)

m3x6 button head socket cap screws pack
(100 pcs)

price : $9.90

M3x6 Button Head Socket Cap Screws Pack (100 PCS)

plus is a "modular modular" case for eurorack synthesizers, and we say "modular modular" cause it is truly modular: it can be extended both as rows and as length!

low investment
you can start with just 1 module, then, as soon as you need space you can extend it to 2, then 3 then...who knows? the unique dimension of 42hp lets you always get a compact and balanced case.

plus is designed to avoid any waste of parts. the "ok i'll get this and sell the other 'cause i don't need it anymore" becomes an old approach with plus. you just let it grow basing on your needs. every partwill always be compatible with your others.

elegant and massive
as we are used to do at frap tools, we put a lot of attention to optimize the functionality and the aesthetics of our products. even in plus, no screws or mechanical parts are visible anywhere. the singlebody aluminum profile hosts modules up to 43 mm of depth and guarantee a fantastic mechanical stability, piece after piece.

plus module: 1 pc x 42hp
a single plus module perfect to begin, and to fill small gaps in your plus based setup. includes a single plus modules, sliding nuts and the necessary screws, nuts, washers and pins to allow a connectionwith another plus module.

plus row extension pack: 4 pcs x 42hp
four slotted plus modules, designed to increase the rows of your plus based setup. each piece has a slot on one side to let the power distribution pass through the rows. includes a 4 plus slotted modules,sliding nuts and the necessary screws, nuts, washers and pins to allow a connection within them.

plus wood sides combo pack
a couple of black limba wood sides, designed to close and match the sides of your plus based setup. and look even better side by side! this pack includes 2 black limba woods side and connection screw to theplus system, as well as a wrench and an hex key to ease the screwing.

silta specifications:
1.25a @ +12v
1.25a @ -12v
1.5a @ +5v
fits in plus

other features:
24v dc
usb port for any +5v device
skiff friendly
6hp width

daisy chain
connect and power up to 3 silta with the same power brick.

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