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frap tools
uno 126 wenge (silta powered with sei)

price : $2,099.00

uno 126 zebra (silta powered with sei)

price : $2,099.00

uno 126 pear (silta powered with sei)

price : $2,099.00

the frap tools uno 126 is an elegant, portable case for eurorack format modules. the foldable design allows you to close it while remaining patched, then open it up into the perfect angled aesthetic for liveperformance.

space for your modules and closes patched
the uno supports modules up to 50 mm deep in the upper and lower row, and up to 80 mm deep in the middle row (depending on the main power board installed). the uno closes patched: you can even stack up totwo cables per each jack connector.

elegant, yet simple construction
all screws, folding mechanics and safety locks are hidden within an extremely well-constructed case, with an elegant form and beautiful lines. in addition, the uno eurorack foldable case is entirely designedand crafted by hand in italy.

beautiful solid wood case
the uno is available in different flavors, so you can choose the one that best fits with your style. wood is hand finished with clear boiled linseed oil, in order to emphasize the warmth and feeling of thematerial. no colors are applied. currently woods are beech, wenge, zebra, dark zebra and pear.

it folds patched
right, uno folds patched with the major kind of cables: it also works with up to 2 stack cables stacked! this is a real time-saver so you don't have anymore to repatch from zero.

thanks to its soft bag, you can bring it where you want.

soft bag included in each uno
the uno soft bag features:
a double zip, and comes with no holes on the top: this means that even if it is rainy, you can carry uno with you without the risk to wet your precious modules
two handles now are present on the sides to ease the movement in small spaces and short trips
a shoulder belt to ease any long trip
a pocket on one of the two small sides, that can host your power brick ans some patch cables
an inner padding made with a 5 mm closed cells polyurethane foam with no "memory" as time passes by
rubber feet on the bottom

power supply
the uno 126 comes standard with the silta power supply system, designed and manufactured for frap tools by soundmachines. if you already have a power supply system, you can special order it without power: inthis case each row comes with a support plate which hosts your preferred power board.

silta powered version
this version features:
3.75a @ +12v
3.75a @ -12v
1.5a @ +5v

each row has its own active power board already installed. you don't have to do anything except mounting your modules and start patching. it comes with a 90w 24v dc external power brick and an eu/schuko orus cable. uno 126hp silta powered comes with a sei module included and mounted which allows trunk links to the back of the case.

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