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uno 84 beech (without power)

price : $1,275.00

uno 84 wenge (without power)

price : $1,345.00

uno 84 zebrano (without power)

price : $1,345.00

silta power kit for uno

price : $399.00

elegant, yet simple construction
all screws and folding mechanics are hidden within an extremely well-constructed case, with an elegant form and beautiful lines. in addition, the uno eurorack foldable case is entirely designed and crafted initaly.

universal power supply support
with uno, you can use your current (or favorite) power supply system -- each row comes with a support plate which hosts your preferred power board.

more space for your modules and cables
the uno supports modules up to 50 mm deep in the upper and lower row, and up to 64 mm deep in the middle row (depending on the main power board installed).

you can bring it where you want due to its compact dimensions. it also meets carry-on requirements for major airlines.

beautiful solid wood case
the uno is available in different flavors, so you can choose the one that best fits with your style. wood is hand finished with clear boiled linseed oil, in order to emphasize the warmth and feeling of thematerial. no colors are applied.

folded: width 468 mm x depth 195 mm x height 300 mm ——— opened: width 468 mm x depth 375 mm x height 277 mm

beech ˜ 5.4 kg, zebrano ˜ 5.5kg, wenge ˜ 5.7kg

3 rows of 84hp each, reaching 252hp in total

50 mm upper and lower rows, up to 85 mm middle row, depending on the power board in use

beech, wenge, zebrano

wood color and finishing
no colors are applied. all wood is hand finished with boiled linseed oil.

iron, aluminum, stainless steel a4.

metal color and finishing
ral 9005 – black matte powder coated

power supply compatibility (not included)
main row may host:
(1 or 2) synthrotek 5a eurorack power board,
(1) makenoise powered bus board (soldering of 3 spade connectors is required to extend +12v gnd and -12v to other passive boards in the upper and lower row)
(1) tiptop audio zeus studio bus pre 2015 (discontinued)
(1) intellijel triple power supply (this board does not support passive bus extension)
(1 or 2) tiptop audio zeus studio bus 2015 (this board does not support passive bus extension)

each upper and lower row may host:
(1) doepfer passive bus board
(1) addac 900b passive bus or 900b+5v passive bus
(1) synthrotek passive bus for 5a eurorack power board
(1) 4ms distro board (properly cutted)
(1) 4ms sticky board
(1) clicks & clocks passive bus
(1) tiptop audio zeus passive board (discontinued).
future released board may be easily supported with an adaptor (optional).

a soft bag is included in each uno foldable case. features soft handlings, a belt and a pocket on the side for the your power brick and some patch cables.

airline compatibility:
currently compatible with major airlines. we can’t guarantee the boarding since airlines may change their hand-luggage policy without notice. it has been developed to be compatible with air france, americanairlines, aer lingus, austrian airlines, british airways, delta airlines, easyjet, finnair, jet airways, lufthansa, malaysia airlines, swiss international air lines, united airlines, virgin atlantic. the totalweight is up to the customer since we can’t guarantee the weight of psu, patchcables and modules hosted in uno.

click here to download the user manual.

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