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freakshow effects
brown rabbit

price : $195.00

freakshow has taken the basic design of the original rat pedal and given it some unique and useful options to play around with in the quest for tone. the key to the unit is the 3 position switch that gives the user a array of tones from position one asymmetrical diode clipping, position two is just the lm308 op amp alone, and position 3 is l.e.d clipping section which uses the l.e.d. to the right which flash as you play! it's aggressive its nasty it toneful it is very versatile!

freakshow pedals are painstakingly 100% hand painted, hand assembled, and hand tested in the good 'ol state of maine. pride is taken in what they do and only make products they use themselves. the pedals are handpainted in a uniquely antique freakshow way by portland maine artist patrick corrigan.

3 position switch for 3 different styles of gain
decay knob
true bypass

read the users manual here.

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