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freakshow effects
digilog delay

price : $225.00

Digilog Delay

we looked up and down for, in a lack of better terms, a not-so-digital sounding delay chip to experiment with. what we found was a great compromise between digital clarity and analog naturalness in a delay pedal. the digilog delay will satisfy those of you who have a decent or even vintage delay pedal. freakshow has also addressed the "ufo" noise that only an analog delay can make when driven into oscillation in a unique way ...they added a feedback/sustain foot switch. they have also gone to great lengths to give you a pedal that will look great, sound great, and not make you feel guilty about that hard earned money on just "another" effect pedals.

freakshow pedals are painstakingly 100% hand painted, hand assembled, and hand tested in the good 'ol state of maine. pride is taken in what they do and only make products they use themselves. the pedals are hand painted in a uniquely antique freakshow way by portland maine artist patrick corrigan.

switchable 0-300ms, 300 to 600ms
mix knob
decay knob
on/off switch
feedback knob/fs self oscillation switch

read the users manual here.

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