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freakshow effects

price : $195.00

the freak show maharishi combines two discrete effects as one pedal with versatility in mind. used with your guitars neck pickup it is an octave - up effect similiar to an octavia with one big difference! it has very little gain on its own! it is intended to be used in conjunction with your favorite fuzz/distortion pedal to enhance it! as an added "bonus" effect, when used with your bridge pickup and with proper technique sound convincingly enough like a sitar! play double stops or 2 notes at once and it will have a light ring mod effect. a very verstaile and fun pedal that will make any freak smile!

freakshow pedals are painstakingly 100% hand painted, hand assembled, and hand tested in the good 'ol state of maine. pride is taken in what they do and only make products they use themselves. the pedals are handpainted in a uniquely antique freakshow way by portland maine artist patrick corrigan.

true bypass
karma select switch, volume, order and timbre

read the users manual here.

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