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loop/env generator

price : $275.00

Loop/Env Generator

the loop/env is a voltage controllable and very flexible adsr module. it's based around the electric druid loopenv1 pic, which is a digital clone of cem 3312 / ssm 2056. it offers cv control over the envelopes complete time, positive, negative and bi-polar outputs. it is switchable between linear and exponential curves and can either be used as a traditional adsr or in loop mode can function like an lfo (the different outputs come in very handy here especially the +/-), it can also go well up into the audio range in this mode. the envelope is "snappier than a piranha jacuzzi" minimum envelope times of 1ms through to long envelope times and everything inbetween.

3 modes (on/off/on toggle):
toggle up = vcadsr
toggle middle = gated looping (will only loop when there is a gate present)
toggle down = looping , ie vclfo

how the looping works:
sustain set to zero - cycles through the attack and decay only, the release then sets the 'off time' - very cool.

sustain set higher than zero but lower than maximum - cycles through attack and decay until the decay reaches the sustain level, then it goes into release. there are some superb weird waveforms to be had here.

sustain set to maximum - cycles though attack and release only. decay sets the 'on time' ie how long it holds high after attack but before release.

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