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frequency central
system x filter

price : $275.00

frequency central proudly announce the release of the 'system x filter'. it's a clone of the roland system 100m vcf, and uses 4 x ca3080. there's an additional 12db/oct output which is 180 degrees out of phase with the 24db/oct output. mixing the two outputs will give bandpass.

audio samples:
first up, classic 24db/oct lpf. the two vcos are my hearn morley hmvco1c, there is a little -1oct subosc added as fm of the vcf towards the end of the clip.

next, the 12db/oct lpf output, again a touch of subosc fm towards the end

finally, by mixing both 12db/oct and 24db/oct outputs in equal amount we have the bandpass mode

apologies for the meandering nonsense keyboard playing!

module width: 10hp
module depth: 65mm
current draw: +10ma/-10ma

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