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system x s/h noise

price : $275.00

system x s/h noise is a sample and hold/noise module based on the roland 100m 150 module. as well as sample and hold, and both white and pink noise, it includes some nifty additional features not found on the original:

2 input cv mixer, each with it's attenuator. so you can mix a couple of different cv sources to get some really complex s/h modulations. the idea for this is 'stolen' from the arp odyssey's s/h mixer, though the implementation uses the cv mixer circuit from the roland 100m 132 module. white and pink noise are normalised to the two cv inputs.

gated lag: the stock 150 module had lag/slew/glide which was set manually. this module goes one better by making the lag/slew/glide gated, so you can use an external source to turn it on and off. when no source is present at the lag input, lag reverts to being set manually. the implementation is based on how roland did this for their mc202/tb303.

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