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vogue vcf/vca

price : $275.00

i proudly present the lastest module in my ever expanding stable - 'vogue vcf/vca' - a faithful clone of the moog rogue vcf and vca on 10hp. vogue...rhymes with...rogue...rhymes with moog.

vogue has two outputs, vca and vcf, so the module can be used as a vcf and vca combined, or you can bypass the built-in vca altogether and use the module as a stand-alone vcf. the vca cv input is shared with vcf cv input #1, although it is not affected by the attenuator - so you can feed an adsr into this cv input, attenuate it for the vcf, but still have the vca kicking out at full gain. i thought this was a cool way to add the extra functionality of the rogue's quirky vca without needing any extra panel space!

i included the vca because:
it's such a small circuit.
it's simplicity, and it's quirky response is part of the sound.

i didn't make it 'fully accessible' with it's own sockets and knobs because:
i thought it would be neat to have 'instant vca without much patching' when you need it.
if you want to use a high end vca, patch the vcf direct out to a high end vca!

module width: 10hp
module depth: 65mm
current draw: +10ma/-10ma

audio sample

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