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land of the rising fuzzz

price : $119.00

based on the rare shin-ei companion fuzz from the 1960's, the land of the rising fuzzz offers thick fuzz tones guitar, bass, and synthesizers. the lotrf goes beyond the shin-ei design by adding a tone control and mode switch that offers a much wider variety of sound. mode 1 retains the "bite" of the original while mode 2 features a more restrained version of fuzz.

volume: controls overall volume, should be adjusted along with other controls to retain desired volume level.
tone: controls the amount of high frequency roll-off. use to control the "bite" of the fuzz. volume is effected by tone changes.
fuzz: adds fuzz/fizz to the input signal. "compresses" sound of certain inputs, particularly low-frequency signals.
mode 1: the harsher of the two modes, closer to the original shin-ei unit.
mode 2: a more subtle fuzz. allows more of the original input signal to pass.

the lotrf has true-bypass switching and can be powered by a 9v battery (included) or a center-negaative, "boss"-style 9v power supply.

each pedal is unique, hand screened and individually numbered.
all fridgebuzzz electronics products are handmade in new york city and come with a 2 year warranty.

tech. specs.
-die-cast 4.37" x 2.37" x 1.07" aluminum enclosure
-rugged powder-coated finish
-hand-screened enamel ink graphics
-true-bypass swithching
-switchcraft jacks
-poly-film capacitors
-led indicator
-double-sided,solder masked pcb

sound samples:
mode 1, full tone, no fuzz - guitar, bass, synth
mode 1, 1/4 tone, no fuzz - bass
mode 1, 1/4 tone, full fuzz - bass
mode 2, full tone, no fuzz - guitar, bass, synth
mode 2, 1/4 tone, no fuzz - guitar, bass
mode 2, full tone, no fuzz guitar, bass
chords: mode 1 vs. mode 2
arpeggio: mode 1 vs. mode2

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