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distortion pro

price : $185.00

Not a FUZZ! Designed to make a Tele, Strat, or other single coil-equipped guitar compete with a Les Paul, although many humbucker-users love it too. The DP-1 has great hi-gain sounds that are FAT and juicy. The "Saturation" knob allows you to soften or sharpen the attack of the notes and to firm the bottom-end. If you have a single-channel amp with a great clean tone then this is the pedal to get to add Marshall-like Lead tones without having to re-adjust the settings on your amp.

NOT A TUBE-DRIVEN PEDAL yet much more "tubey" sounding than many Tube-Driven pedals on the market!

Volume, Distortion, Resonance, Voicing, Hi-End and Saturation controls -- capable of turning the thinnest brightest amp you own into a 100 lb. violin.

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