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1x4x2 thru

price : $110.00

the 1x4x2 thru box is an output expander for the swynx, and can also act as a standalone midi and din sync thru box.

the thru box allows you to pass both midi and din sync data to four seperate devices simultaneously. midi thru boxes are quite common, but 1x4x2 is the first to provide din thru capabilities.

power is provided via midi.

note, this product does not convert midi clock messages to din sync. for midi to din sync conversion please see our swynx product.

construction: steel chassis
dimensions: (l) 5.0" x (w) 3.0" x (h) 1.4"
unit weight: 0.7 lbs
power in: 5v dc (supplied by midi)
inputs: midi in, din in
outputs: midi out (x4), din out (x4)
quality: each product is hand made right here in the usa

download the users manual here.

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