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midi bus

price : $70.00


the midi bus was designed to be a midi interface for the eurorack system, and more specifically to offer midi inputs and outputs for our trax performance sequencer.

this device provides opto-isolation of the midi input and buffers all midi signals.

the midi bus provides midi in/out/thru inputs and outputs on 3.5mm trs jacks. three 3.5mm to 5-pin din midi cables are included with each midi bus product. these midi cables conform to the trs midi b spec class, currently supported by arturia, novation, and 1010 music devices.

the midi bus uses the power bus cable to receive and transmit midi at the +3.3 volt standard. in order to do this, the midi bus repurposes what the eurorack standard defines as the int gate line of the power bus for midi in signals, and the int cv line of the power bus for midi out signals.

to prevent conflicts with other signals that may be using these lines of the power bus, we recommend using the special midi bus power cable provided with this unit, or our optional flying bus power cable when using the midi bus with the trax product or any other products using this new midi standard.

the midi bus power cable that is provided with your midi bus will allow only a single device in your system to send and transmit midi.

the optional flying bus power cable allows multiple modules connected to this cable to share midi data with one another and also receive the proper power from the system, without connecting midi signals to other modules in your system.

eurorack width: 3hp
dimensions: 0.60" (w) x 5.07" (h) x 1.00" (d) or 15.20mm (w) x 128.79mm (h) x 25.40mm (d)
boxed weight: 0.5 lbs.
+12v supply current draw: 17ma (typical)
-12v supply current draw: 0ma

download the users manual here.

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