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premium theremin

price : $175.00

imported straight from japan (and hard to find anywhere else), this is gakken's premium portable theremin! for the ultimate in spaced out, spooky synthesizer noises, nothing beats a theremin. you've heard this thing used in movies all the time (especially during the eerie scenes) the theme to star trek, the day the earth stood still, and countless ambient and new age records. this unique instrument require no-contact from the player and uses 2 antennas to sense your hands position which control the frequency oscillators and volume. it can produce some real alien sounding effects, or can mimic a violin pretty well (with some practice). this particular model features volume trim, master volume, pitch trim, an external output to connect to an amp, its own speaker and is battery operated so you can make music and perform anywhere. too cool.

gakken premium theremin features:
includes: body kit, antennas, earth band, adjusting driver, manual (japanese)
size: w220 x h36 x d120mm (8.5 x 1.5 x 4.7)
weight: 345g.
power: aa battery x 4


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