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octopus tabletop sequencer
legacy version

price : $3,399.00

octopus tabletop sequencer
new classic version

price : $3,699.00

genoqs have now released their amazing os v1.0, which adds many new features to the octopus sequencer. all new octopus sequencers ship with v1.0, and older units can be updated by following the update procedure on genoq's downloads page.

in the following, we use the following mark convention:
(***) for new features,
(**) for evolved functionality, and
(*) for minor changes.

free track chaining (***)
tracks in a page may be chained according to any configuration desired by the user.

track program change (***)
tracks now retain the midi program change information as a track specific value.

edit track directions (***)
directions 6-16 are freely editable by the user, including re-trigger and randomize options.

step groove attribute (***)
a step may be delayed at playtime by a random amount of time in multiples of 1/192 of a note.

grid-track mode (***)
up to 90 tracks are mapped to matrix buttons and act as virtual track selectors allowing for direct track operation.

step-note recording (***)
notes may be recorded directly on pre-selected positions in a page, irrespective of timeline and chase-light position.

page scale cad (***)
changes to a scale may be set to affect the pitch values of the tracks in the page. whenever the scale is modified, the track pitches are aligned to the new scale, modifying the harmonic structure of a page in a musical way.

vast midi-in control (***)
apart from recording midi data, midi in ports can be used to control various functions of the machine via midi in signals. this includes selecting grid sets and toggling grid pages via program change messages, or even creating and modifying scales on the octopus - all at runtime of course.

virtual midi channels (***)
provide an internal wiring of tracks to the octopus midi in. in this way, octopus tracks may be used to leverage the capabilities of midi in control, right on the octopus.

map factors (***)
each relevant attribute map now has a map factor, which indicates the amount to which that map is applied to the current output.

export content to sysex (***)
memory content may now be exported as midi system exclusive streams, providing a means to store machine state data outside of the octopus.

pitch bend handling (**)
now pitch bend data can be recorded and worked with, similarly to any other midi controller data.

track flattening (**)
the flt mutator has evolved to new semantics. it is now applied to two or more tracks to create a "stacked" version of that track selection into a single track.

new effector state (**)
tracks can now take on an additional state with regard to the effector. in addition to being unaffected, a sender, or a receiver, tracks may now be receiving senders.

cc map learning (**)
in addition to programming cc maps, you can now have them learn by listening to midi in input. saves time and comes in handy.

force to scale input (**)
externally played notes can be passed through the octopus and forced to the scale of the current page.

track speed multipliers (**)
octopus now features additional track speed multipliers. these include: 1.5 (for direct creation of triplets), as well as the following: 1/1.5, 1/8, 8, 1/16 and 16.

bank change messages (*)
in addition to sending program change messages octopus now also sends bank change messages.

sequencer specifications:

sequence grid: 144 pages - popularly known as 'patterns'
tracks per page: up to 10, with up to 16 steps each
track resolution: up to 1/192 of a note

user interface
elements: 258 pushbuttons, 21 endless encoders
front panel: 630 x 270 mm

concurrent play: up to 9 pages or chains thereof
editing capabilities: full during play, seamless saving
track play: polyphonic, shuffle, groove, roll

700 x 450 x 140 mm, 8 Kg

The following two documents explain the design and functionality of the Octopus sequencer as thoroughly as possible:

The Navigation Guide v1.00 is available for download.

the story-board rev.0.9.0 (work in progress) is available for download.

please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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