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voice rec-2c

price : $139.00

Voice REC-2C

this module uses a voice recorder (isd1820) chip to record and playback audio or cv signals.

the input and output are not capacitively coupled, so if you send cv in almost the same signal will come out.

the voice recorder chip is capacitively coupled, on its input and output, so if the signal is slow it will not be recorded. this also means that cv signals will be different from its original cv signal on playback.

the voice recorder chip has automatic gain adjustment, so low volume signals will get amplified and loud signals will be converted to lower volume, for this there is a potentiometer to change the signal that comes out of the voice recorder chip.

the volume pot on its maximum setting is a bout 10v pp.

every time a playback is triggered the voice recorder chip will startup and when the playback ends it will shut down in some kind of sleep mode, the chip is made like that to save battery power (the module has no battery in it). this results in a click on the start of every playback, when the chip shuts down there is almost no click. there is also a boot up time, so playback starts a little later then it is triggered. when the pitch is set low the playback delay is longer then when the pitch is set high.

the curve of the crossfader is logarithmic. this means that when it is set to the center the signals will add up and the overall signal can be louder then 10v peak to peak.

the sample time of the voice recorder chip is about 10 seconds, this time also depends on the pitch of operation.

the pitch controls the overall operation speed of the voice recorder chip.

disable input trigger/gate.
playback the whole recorded sample or playback while gate is high.

cv pitch.
audio/cv out ±10v peak to peak.

pitch attenuation.
cross fade.
dac volume.

power consumption:
+12v (± 24ma).
- 12v (± 5ma).

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