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104 hp 12u dual briefcase

price : $999.00

cincon 100-240v, 3.75 amp psu with 3 prong power cable

price : $60.00

4 rows of 104hp m3 tapped black anodized vector rails. no more annoying sliding nuts!

dual tiptop power system (1 powered, 1 nonpowered per lid) (21 x 12 3/8 x 8 3/4)

available worldwide. shipping charges calculated before shipping.

includes wiring done at military wiring facilty using high grade teflon coated wire which is then coated with a teflon mesh sheath.

high grade black polypropelene standoffs, black polypropelene nuts and black polypropelene acorn caps on all electronics.

includes 20 rubber feet. case splits apart to make 2 freestanding individual cases with their own rubber feet. also included is a teflon wire system to keep briefcase open at 90 degrees for live performances. also includes touring grade snapback roadcase handle. all hardware is professional touring grade and built to last. please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

all dimensions designed to be able to fit all carry on dimensions (regional flights/ puddlejumpers excluded)

with the new carry on gorillabox and tiptop audio switching power supplies you can take your show on the road anywhere in the world with no transformers needed. step right off the plane with 12u of 104hp eurorack anywhere in the world and just open your case and get started. no more shipping your instrument ahead of time or having to check it under the plane!

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