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demoon (updated 24-bit version)

price : $599.00

demoon (non-updated version)

price : $450.00

gotharmusic proudly presents demoon 24bit. it now sounds better, has more possibilities, and are easier to operate.

-new 24 bit ultra low noise/hi gain output stage.
-2 new filtertypes - a sharp bandpass filter and an add filter.
-envelope follower with "smooth" parameter added to the external audio input. it can control the audio output level and modulate all parameters in the filtersection.
-envelope scaling improved - we listened to the critisism.
-now demoon writes parameter name and value in display, when it receives valid midi controllers - we listened to our customers.
-new soundbank - yes!!!!!!

main features:
4-note polyphonic oscillators with continuously variable waveforms, wave-shape modulation, fm and pwm which works on all waveforms.
4 high quality unique sounding analog-modelled bpf/lpf/hpf/bpf8/add filters.
granulator effect.
5 distortion types.
4 lfo’s with continuously variable waveforms, waveshape modulation and rate modulation.
2 envelopes.
filter random generator.
various control sources for every parameter.
note randomizer.
32-step step sequencer which is midi-syncable, has one note track, one velocity track and one controller track, has realtime transpose, and a keyboard (arpeggiator) mode, in which, you can gate and transpose the sequence via a connected midi-keyboard.
storage of 128 sounds and sequences in eeproms. no need to worry about changing back-up batteries.
direct midi-control of most parameters. writes parameter name and value in display.
boxed small and compact - easily portable.

sound samples:
new demo - includes some talkbox-like sounds
some bass presets
some pad presets
various presets
lfo control of the oscillator wave shape parameter
lfo control of the oscillator wave shape parameter with noise selected as the third wave
lfo 1 controls the wave-shape, lfo 2 controls pwm
lfo controls filter cutoff. lfo wave shape parameter is turned from bottom to top.
lfo 1 controls filter cutoff. lfo 2 modulates lfo 1 rate and wave-shape
external audio input demo: an electro beat from an alesis fusion running through demoons filters, minigran and distortion.

download the manual here.

for more info, please click here for the manufacturer's website.

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