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grp synthesizer
r24: analog - midi sequencer

price : $1799.00

R24 Analog - MIDI Sequencer

the grp r24 is a 8x3 analog step sequencer firmly based on the mighty step sequencer previously developed in grp a8 and a4 analog synthesizers. the new r24 is full of control capability with cv/gate, midi and usb connections. hardware-wise, is stand-alone self powered, with hardware compatibility for mount on 5u module format; you can use in stand alone with its internal power, or you can install in your modular system. r24 respects electrical and mechanical standards for the above manifacturers.

with the appropriate brackets included in the package the machine can be easily installed in a 19 "rack still, you can use r24's own cabinet as a "presto-cabinet" for powering and using your spare 5u modules. r24 has 64 internal memories for store and retrieve separate sequences; each sequence can be set in 8x2, 16+8 or 24 mode, with any step lenght user's selectable. r24 can act as cv/gate sequencer or as midi sequencer, with separate rows for midi note selection and for key velocity step adjust.

step parameters. each step has
cv value freely programmable and adjustable in real time;
glide time;
can be routed to gate 1 bus, gate 2 bus, off (non gate output);
can be rythmically repeated in "ratchet mode" selecting x2 (simple bounce), x3 (triple bounce) or off (no bounce); every bounce/ratchet mode works at double or triple speed
can be used in normal mode, skip mode (step skipped for sequence length shortened) or end step mode (for define the final length of sequence)

row parameter. each horizontal row has indipendent settings for
glide time;
cv range x2, x4, x8 octave;
sample & hold value on/off (for prolonging values between contigous steps);
quantize on/off
six different permutation orders selectable; for choose the playing/advance order of steps (the combinations previously available only in the grp a4 or a8 step sequencer, plus several other fun modes...);
(global) selectable step repetition; x2, x3, x4 repetitions before advance to the next step;
indipendent (full) row repetition (useful in chain 16+8 or 24 step mode); x2, x3, x4, infinite repeat;
each row has indipendent clock divider; /2, /3, /4, /6, /8/16; divider works on internal, ttl ext analog and external midi clock; each row can advance at different rhythmic speed;
row b and c can be used with their own set of parameters in full indipendence (e.g., three different sequences in 8×3 a,b,c mode); or but you can decide to use row a parameters over rows a and b (useful for quick program in 16+8, a+b,c mode); still, you can use row a parameters over a, b and c (useful for quick program in 24 mode, a+b+c); buttons on on b and c sets indipendence for row b and c.

row connections on front panel. each row has dedicated analog connection for:
gate out 1 bus (internally normalled for cascading rows on single hardware connection)
gate out 2 bus (internally normalled for cascading rows on single hardware connection)
first available/active step gate out (useful for start/stop several sequencers network connected);
end available/active step gate out (as above, for serial connection of several sequencers),
cv out (internally normalled for cascading rows on single hardware connection)
cv control in for order select (a specified cv received from external unit will select the desidered order for corresponding row);
cv control in for row repeat select (as above);
cv control in for step repeat select (as above);
cv control in for clock dividing factor select (as above);
cv control in for transpose (internally normalled for simultaneusly transpose of several rows with a single connection from exterrnal analog equipment).

sequencer parameter
four-digit display for general menu parameter/value;
dedicated display control increase, decrease, program and store;
clock selectable internal (with its own panel control), external analog ttl and midi;
internal clock pw front panel control; for adjust percentage of legato/staccato;
advance mode forward, backward, fw/bw, pendulum, alternate, random;
sequence mode a,b,c (8×3), a+b,c (16+8), a+b+c (24);
global loop always disposable with dedicated control panel (for unconditioned sequence looping);
shift control on front panel;
row b can be assigned to internal clock pw mod or internal clock speed mod;
row c can be assigned to internal clock pw mod or internal clock speed mod;
dedicated front panel controls for run/stop, reset at first step and individual step advance.

sequencer connections on front panel
remote run/stop;
remote loop on/off;
remote reset;
remote glide on/off;
analog ttl internal clock out (0/+5v);
analog ttl external clock out (0/+5v);
remote cv control in for advance mode select;
remote cv control in for sequencer clock modulation;
remote cv control in for sequence mode select;
remote cv control in for sequencer clock pw modulation;
midi in & out for sequences , for note on/off ,key vel & clock transmit;
usb connection for sequences , for note on/off & key vel & clock transmit.

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