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1959 doubledecker

price : $429.00

1959 Doubledecker

inspired by the legendary british tone of 1959, the double decker combines the two worlds of historic amps, from blues to hard rock in one device. from slight crunch and sexy tone to boosted hi-gain levels. we also doubled its potential uses, from the big stage to the bedroom. the 1959 double decker can be used with an amp or daw and everything is doubled!

two independent channels equipped with gain, volume and an entire tone stack for better sculpting of your tone.
post boost with volume control can be activated on all three stages of the unit, (bypass, floor 1, floor 2) and it is self-disengaged simply by pressing another button.
tube fx loop with series/parallel switch (especially useful when used with amps with no effects loop or series only)
remote outs for connections with analog switchers.
balanced/unbalanced d.i. out with direct/emulated option (speaker sim. of a 2x12" - v30/sm57) that can be used simultaneously with the standard output of the unit or alone as interface for excellent quality audio recordings.

when we designed the 1959 dd, we always kept in mind the sound we wanted to produce with rich details, harmonics and an organic sound with tons of dynamics: an "in-your-face" tone. we also wanted to create a device which could easily obtain these great tones with effective and intuitive controls. 1959 dd required a lot of engineering work to fit the size, despite using the high quality components normally used in amplifiers and with the important consideration of space.

to keep the standard pedals power supply (9-12vdc negative tip), we pushed our twin dynamic™ over the limit, making it able to increase the input voltage many times so as to obtain the maximum dynamic range of the signal. 1959dd is your perfect companion on the stage, both as an "overdrive warehouse" on your large pedal board, or in a small setup with the effects placed in the loop. it is also great for studio or home use providing your records an excellent starting point for your guitar sound, simply connecting it to your pc with or without speaker simulator.

general details:
power 9vdc (negative tip): 230 ma
power 12vdc (negative tip): 280 ma
max consumption: 300 ma
s/n ratio: 58db
max gain: 98db
max boost: 8db
input impedance: <1m ohm
output impedance: <100m ohm
send impedance: <100m ohm
return impedance: <100m ohm
d.i.out impedance: <47m ohm
serial fx loop: 0db
parallel fx loop (50%): 0db
max return signal: 0,3vpp
max d.i.out signal: 0,1vpp
dimensions: 220x125x50mm

main power: dc 2,1mm
input: guitar input
output: to amp in
send: to fx in
return: to fx out
d.i.out: to daw, mixer

controls floor 1:
gain floor 1: 65db
volume floor 1: 0 to +10db
s/n ratio: 52db

tone stack:
treble: 7800hz +/-12db
middle: 850hz +/-10db
basse: 120hz +/-10db

controls floor 2:
gain floor 2: 98db
volume floor 2: 0 to +10db
s/n ratio: 58db

tone stack:
treble: 6500hz +/-12db
middle: 1000hz +/-10db
basse: 120hz +/-10db

fsw 1: bypass/floor 1
fsw 2: floor 2/solo
series: 100% post eq mix
parallel: 50% post eq mix
direct: no spk. sim. +4db
emulated: sm57 + 2xv30

download the users manual here.

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