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echosex 2° limited edition

price : $539.00

Echosex 2° Limited Edition

to celebrate the cicognani engineering's 20th anniversary, we let guglielmo dreams about a perfect echosex 2° completely focused on guitar use, simulating a perfectly restored binson unit. this run in a limited numbered series of only 500 units.

custom colour with "martellato" finishing.
max. delay as a standard binson with the "gilmour mod" near to 440ms.
more focus on guitar use (fitted input impedance)
more clarity

power in: 9-12vdc max.
comsuption: max 290ma
input impedance: <1m ohm
input level: 1,2 vpp max.
input attenuation: 0/-10db
output impedance: <100k ohm
output level: 0/+4db
mix level: 50% max.
s/n ratio: <80db.
tube type: 12ax7b gurus
width: 165mm.
length: 125mm.
height: 35mm.
weight: 0,7kgs

download the users manual here.

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