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led meter (eurorack, green color with yellow-red peak segments)

price : $100.00

LED Meter (Eurorack, Green Color with Yellow-Red Peak Segments)

happy nerding
led meter (eurorack, all yellow color)

price : $100.00

LED Meter (Eurorack, All Yellow Color)

happy nerding
led meter (eurorack, all blue color)

price : $100.00

LED Meter (Eurorack, All Blue Color)

led meter is a handy utility module designed to show audio levels. three color versions are available:
all blue color
all yellow color
green color with yellow-red peak segments.

there are total 30 led segments, each one roughly corresponds to 1 db of level, so it is 30 db of measurement level available with this module.

the module has an input for the signal to be displayed, and its buffered copy is sent to the output for further processing, so no external splitter is needed.

two trimmers are accessible via holes on the front panel: left trimmer adjusts brightness and right trimmer is used for the level adjustment. so the module can represent full scale signals ranging from 1 v to 12 v.

audio signal is first fully rectified before being displayed. thus, if the signal has unsymmetrical peaks in positive and negative sides, - none of these peaks is lost, as it would be in case only positive or negative side was displayed.

measurement input level: can accept inputs ranging from [-1v...+1v] to [-12v...+12v] using onboard trimmer)
outputs impedance: 50 ohm
module depth: 4 cm
power consumption: dpends on brighness with max at +150 ma at +12 vdc, -50 ma at -12 vdc

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