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mmm vcf

price : $200.00


mmm vcmmm vcff (m**g multi mode voltage controlled filter) is a dual vcf having common controls for both parts. thus it can be used as a stereo filter, or patched with different combinations of the available inputs/outputs. and all this functionality is packed in the compact 8 hp wide module. mmm vcf has the famous transistor ladder core introduced by bob moog, but also features the added band pass and low pass modes, not available in the original design. those extra modes are greatly widen the possible spectral modification of the input sound. the module was carefully designed to have vanishingly small noise and bleed.

freq: 20 hz...22 khz - manual frequency range
res: 35 hz...22 khz - self oscillation range
fm: 0...7,5 v will modulatee the whole hearing range at max settings
lp: 24 db/oct low pass output
bp: 12 db/oct band pass output
hp: 12 db/oct high pass output
outputs impedance: 1 kohm
module depth: 4 cm
power consumption: +42 ma / -40 ma at +/-12 vdc

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