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happy nerding

price : $180.00


out provides two balanced outs (left and right) for the summed two stereo inputs. one of these stereo inputs can be attenuated with the relative knob next to its input jacks. also there are jumpers on the back side to select 10x amplification for this input. thus, in case some line level devices are used, they can easily be amplified to normal modular levels.

there is also a standard ¼ inch jack for the headphones. the headphones level is independently adjusted with the lower knob, while upper knob adjusts main out (l&r) which is then shown by the leds meter.

there is a stereo send connector available from the pcbs side, allowing out module to be internally connected to other happy nerding stereo modules. at the moment isolator and panmix jr can internally receive this stereo signal.

125 ma +12v
65 ma - 12v
50 mm depth
6 hp wide

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