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mutant hihats

price : $229.00

Mutant Hihats

the mhh is a powerful dual hihat drum generator. there is an open hihat and a closed hihat circuit which share a noise source, but function independently. there is an internal electro hihat noise generator (inspired by the tr-808), however, you can plug in virtually any sound source to the ext (external) input and synthesize percussive sounds from it. there are a great amount of sounds possible by experimenting with different signal sources!

analogue hihat circuitry capable of synthesizing vintage and otherwise sounding open and closed hihat sounds

external audio input lets you synthesise hihats from virtually any sound source (jupiter storm, vcnoiz, etc.)

lo-fidelity original vcas upgraded to ota-based modern vcas

vca drive control for each hihat allows you to dial in anything from soft metallic hihats to extremely overdriven, crunchy hihats

exclusive switch lets you select how the two hihats (open/closed) interact with eachother when triggered at the same time

cutoff frequency control for internal resonant bandpass filter

resonant filter can be switched on/off

modular level mutual accent input (0-5v cv)

trigger input accepts almost anything as a trigger signal

non-invasive analogue optocouplers used for voltage control, thus, completely vintage sounds can still be had if that's what you're after!

completely redesigned, hi-fi signal chain spares no expense by replacing cheap transistor amplifiers with low noise opamp and ota equivalents

you can dial in super hot, modular level output levels (up to 20vp-p!)

width: 13hp | depth: 30mm
current draw: +75ma, -45ma @ 12v

download the users manual here.

download the quickstart guide here.

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