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mutant hot glue

price : $399.00

Hot Glue

the mutant hot glue is a powerful bus mixer for analog effects chain design. the included high quality analog compressor offers series or parallel compression, and a sidechain input, making it well suited for drum processing. the voltage controlled distortion is based on the batteryacid: idow edition design, but improved for better signal fidelity and performance. it can be used in its default position, normalized to the effects send, or like every other part of the module, broken out and used elsewhere in your modular system.

by default, the 4 channel mixer's output conveniently feeds into the compressor's input, giving access to easy new york style parallel compression by way of the compressor blend control. the dedicated output and mixer bypass switch for channel a allow you to easily use it as a sidechain source for the compressor. an effects send and return allow you to create complex effects routings within your modular system. with the number of excellent dsp and other effects modules on the market today, this makes it easy to combine modules to great effect, all within the eurorack modular domain.

4 channel mixer with effects send
4 input channels, each with their own level and effects send control
channel a mixer bypass switch and dedicated output for easy sidechain compression
channel b is dual input, but shares level/send controls (for dual output modules, like the mutant hihats)
channel c+d summed output
main mixer output normalized to compressor input

hi-fidelity analog compressor
soft-knee compressor based on the same family of premium audio ics used in some 500 series studio gear
blend control lets you adjust the dry/wet mix of the compressor, allowing for easy new york-style parallel compression
dedicated threshold and compression ratio controls
gain control dials in up to +40db of compressor gain
compressor sidechain input for pumping effects
led indicator actively displays the amount of compressor gain reduction

voltage controlled analog distortion effect
a classic distortion topology reborn for modular analog synthesizers and drum processing
in/outputs are conveniently normalized to the module's send and return jacks
blend control lets you adjust the mix of distorted and clean input signal
fast responding cv input allows for complex modulation patterns and even modulating with audio signals

35mm deep
+70ma, -70ma

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