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switchmix 8x8 ej

price : $849.00

SwitchMix 8X8 EJ

a compact switched routing matrix for both audio and dc-coupled control voltages, switchmix has all the advantages of pin matrices without the problems.

switchmix may have balanced or unbalanced compatible inputs and outputs, extending its use beyond synthesizer patching to other audio routing applications, including multitrack and effects routing and headphone mixes. the balanced inputs make it suitable for interfacing daw sound cards into a synthesizer for silent way and volta users.

led illuminated switches on 12.7mm (0.5") pitch
master cut switch for each output.
bi-colour led indication of output signal.
2.5mm brushed stainless steel panel.

8 x balanced/unbalanced dc-coupled inputs. 100k ohm input impedance. (optionally ac-coupled with dc servo, 10k ohm bridging load, and high-performance audio op amps for signal only applications.)
8 x balanced/unbalanced dc-coupled outputs, 470 ohm impedance.
output g may be used for main pitch cv with 25 turn trimmer adjustment and link to 16 pin bus.
output h may be used for main gate with both s-trig and full level v-trig on 3 pin kk 0.1" header and 5v level linked to 16 pin bus.

signal levels:
±9v (+18dbm) on ±12v
±10v (+19.5dbm) on ±15v

0.02% @ 1 khz, +17 dbm

frequency response:
dc-20khz < ±0.5 db
90khz -3 db

noise floor:
< -86 dbm (unweighted)
cut: -93 dbm (30 khz filter)
0 signal, all inputs routed: < -77 dbm (30 khz filter)

< -100 db with +17 dbm signal

insertion loss:
50 ohm source: -0.05 db
500 ohm source: -0.09 db

db25 tascam analogue pinout
front panel 3.5mm jack (unbalanced) or 4.4mm (tt bantam) jack (balanced)
rear connectors options: 6.3mm (1/4") a or b gauge jack, xlr, db25, edac 38- or 56-way

+/-12v to +/-15v
quiescent current: 70 ma (typical)
current with large signals: 100 ma @ 12 v, 120 ma @ 15 v
reverse and over voltage and over current protection.
4 pin kk 0.156" (motm compatible) and 16 pin ribbon connector.
optional mains psu available.

the switchmix 8x8pej is just like the 8x8pe, except:
1. 0.1% resistors throughout signal paths for high-accuracy tracking when running separate vcos or synthesizers from multiple outputs. (not needed for audio or if only one common pitch cv is used, as 1% loss is less than 0.1 db.)
2. pure green leds
3. 8 x balanced/unbalanced dc-coupled outputs, 100 ohm output impedance.

click here for the patch sheet.

click here for the users' manual.

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