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quad operator

price : $500.00

Quad Operator

implementing frequency modulation synthesis completely from scratch in firmware, the quad operator is able to provide a modern take on frequency modulation synthesis.

one knob per function design for true ease of use
any fm algorithm is possible via modulation matrix
the algo expander provides algorithm save/recall and crossfading capabilities
independent output per operator
virtual vca per operator for both animating modulation and output volume control
includes a dedicated "ar fm" input with its own modulation sends, designed to bring an audio rate signal in from your rack for use as a modulator. try processing a phase locked operator, and feeding it back in!
each operator can also be unlocked then tuned and patched independently, making the module a great general purpose oscillator bank
convincing digital emulation of classic analog waveshapes - sine, triangle, square, and saw
an lfo mode, enabled the generation of phase locked, complex modulation signals

current consumption:
standalone: +12v: 140ma, -12v: 13ma
with algo: +12v: 145ma, -12v: 13ma

quad operator: 30hp
algo expander: 4hp
depth: 25mm

firmware upgradeable

humble audio products are warranted for 12 months from date of purchase

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