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ieaskul f. mobenthey

price : $222.00


the swoop module is essentially a bound/bounce control voltage processor, in the lineage of such multi-purpose tools as the "serge dual universal slope generator". like that module, swoop responds to:
input voltages that set target boundaries in voltage
control voltages for angle of both the down and up segments of the waveform
trigger voltages that perform a single "swoop" up or down.

it differs, however from the dusg, in that it truly is a free-running oscillator, that will bounce between any given boundaries; bounds take a more correlative role in deciding the frequency. in fact, it is already running when given zero input, bouncing infinitesimally at a very high resultant frequency. this oscillator was conceived as a sort of triangular answer to the operation of filters, that take an input and resonate damp. damping, in swoop, results in an ever higher and higher frequency, thus fulfilling the bounds/bounce concept. inspired by the idea of polarity, there are actually two triggers, for upward swoop and downward swoop, or even both ways consecutively.

swoop is an 8hp eurorack module that runs on +12 and -12 volts. attach power connector positive to "+" and negative to "-". failure to follow proper power polarity will result in instant destruction of unit.

download the manual here.

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