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industrial records
gristleism (black)

price : $28.00

gristleism (chrome)

price : $28.00

gristleism (red)

price : $28.00

thirteen original throbbing gristle loops: a mix of experimental noise, industrial drone, classic melodies and rhythms.

built-in 50mm speaker, volume control, pitch-shift control and loop-selector switch.

features extended pitch control, more loops and almost twice the frequency range of the original buddha machines.

black & red powered by two aa batteries. chrome powered by two aaa batteries.

palm-sized: w 67mm x h 69mm x d 35mm

available in three colours: black, chrome, red

designed by: throbbing gristle & christiaan virant

concept by: christiaan virant (fm3)

manufactured by: industrial records ltd (ir)

music by: throbbing gristle (tg)

01 - persuasion
02 - hamburger lady
03 - twenty jazz funk greats
04 - thank you brian
05 - maggot death
06 - rabbit snare
07 - lyre liar
08 - wimpy bar
09 - sex string theory
10 - heathen earth
11 - industrial intro
12 - r & d
13 - after after cease to exist

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