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sync-gen iils

price : $650.00

Sync-Gen IILS

precision tempo-grid and sample-accurate modular synthesizer to daw synchronisation system

the sync-gen iils package includes:
sync-gen iils eurorack daw sync interface module with:-
1 x sync-gen ii clock pulse input (switchcraft ¼" ts)
1 x sync-gen ii transport pulse input (switchcraft ¼" ts)
9 x simultaneous rhythmic division pulse outputs (⅛" mini jack - 5ms/+5vdc)
1 x selectable dual triplet division pulse output (⅛" mini jack - 5ms/+5vdc)
8 x precision rhythmic division invert toggle switches
1 x dedicated reset pulse output (⅛" mini jack - 5ms/+5vdc)
1 x phase synchronous din-sync output
1 x phase synchronous midi clock output
13 x leds for input signal, trigger and reset outputs and tempo/bpm count

sync-gen ii software installer (vst/au/efx/rtas) win/osx - 32/64 bit
operation manual
euro power ribbon
motm style ±15vdc power harness
m2.5 and m3 black hex mounting hardware
m2.5 and m3 black nylon mounting washers
hand-assembled and tested in australia

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