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sync-gen ii pro

price : $750.00

Sync-Gen II Pro

original sync-lock precision tempo-sync conversion engine.
phase synchronous midi clock outputs x 5.
phase synchronous din sync outputs x 5.
trs analogue variable division arp trigger output with reset.

the cynq-lock/sync-gen ii combination works with any existing multichannel soundcard and requires absolutely no modification to your existing hardware. it is a genuine plug-and-play system that lets you get 'out of the box' to concentrate on making, recording and enjoying music with external hardware again.

the cynq-lock generates phase-synchronous din-sync, midi clock and analogue pulse triggers within 20 microseconds (0.882 samples at 44.1 khz) which in real terms means your external hardware and your daw recorded audio line up perfectly in real-time every time. your daw audio and your external hardware sound like one tight machine.

unlike software generated midi clock which is notoriously prone to slop and jitter, our new sync-gen ii software feeds sample accurate and tempo-grid locked pulses from your daw host application to the cynq-lock which in turn generates ultra-precise and phase-synchronous midi clock, din sync and voltage triggers to feed all your external hardware. they sound they way they were designed to and tracking perfectly synchronised playback back into the daw with zero sync jitter means the recorded audio lines up exactly with your grid. no more time wasting waveform editing or re-quantizing of audio just to make things sit right plus you get to use all the recorded performance and not just a single bar.

give your sound machines the tight external sync they really deserve.

sync-gen ii pro : the ultimate combination-lock to your dawters external happiness.

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