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mind meld

price : $160.00

the mind meld m01 rev b is an 8hp expansion module for the livewire vulcan dual lfo.

it provides swtiched waveform source selection of the vulcans logic circuits: max, min, sum and diff. additionally each of these normalled inputs can be broken and an external signal can be injected via the input jacks.

there are also two jacks for pulse inputs to reset the the vulcans dual lfos. jack a is normalled to jack b so that both lfos can be reset at the same time or you can break the normal and supply a seperate reset signal to lfo b.

note: to add reset functionality to the vulcan you will be required to solder two wires to the vulcan pcb. this may cause your vulcan warranty to be voided. if you do not want to take the risk you can choose not to implement this functionality.

instructions for installing rev a is located here (rev a has blue pcbs and rev b has black).

check out a youtube clip here.

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