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price : $229.00


the polaris is a 4-stage cascaded ota filter designed by david dixon. it's built on the lineage of the dr. octature and atlantis filters, but with a totally revised core and resonance control. along with dedicated lp, hp and bp it outputs it features a configurable multi output capable of an unprecedented 27 different filter modes.

with drive turned down the polaris is capable of buttery smooth filtering, and the cutoff control range has been fine tuned for playability. turn up the drive and engage the multi distort asymmetric distortion circuit for a more aggressive sound. not content to be just a filter, the polaris's ap phaser mode combined with frequency modulation can be used to achieve a phaser effect.

with so much versatility in a modest size, the polaris is an ideal filter for a starter system and an excellent addition to the tonal palette of a larger modular.

dedicated lp, bp and hp outputs.
multi output with 27 selectable filter types: 4 x lp, 5x bp, 4 x hp, 5 x notch, 4x ap and 4 x phaser (ap mode with inverted dry blend).
input drive control with soft clipping distortion.
mutli output asymmetric distortion.

width: 10hp
max dephth: 40mm

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