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kenton electronics
killamix mini

price : $499.00

enhance your performance...

with the latest compact usb controller from kenton effectively 81 endless controllers and 81 buttons at your fingertips (144 if you include channels 10 to 16 which are accessed by pressing two knobs). kenton's new usb controller, with a footprint of only 320mm x 64mm, is the perfect companion to your laptop, whether you are using a sequencer, dj-ing or vj-ing. just plug in the usb cable and go.

the controller features a self-centering joystick, 9 push buttons and 9 endless rotary encoders with led position indicators. with 9 midi channels available at the push of a knob, you effectively have 81 controllers and 81 buttons at your fingertips in a compact attractive brushed aluminium unit. this design is the result of collaboration between ableton live expert martin delaney and john price of kenton.

see a video of martin delaney demonstrating the killamix™ mini prototype version at sounds expo06. when you reach the page, click the link called: 'martin delaney and the mini controller'.

features & specifications:
the controller communicates via usb, has 9 endless rotary encoders, 9 push buttons and a joystick. it is usb bus powered for convenience.

a single press of one of the 9 encoder knobs will select any midi channel from 1 to 9, (or pressing two knobs selects channels 10-16) leds indicate which midi channel is currently active.

the encoders also 'remember' where they were when they were last used on that channel and display their position on the ring of leds around each knob, so you can change channel without fear of data jumps.

the self-centering joystick can send information on the currently selected channel, and can be used for bending pitch or modulation control, or any other operation you wish to assign it to. can be set as either two controllers with centre position 64, or as 4 controllers with centre as zero.

the 9 push buttons send data on the selected midi channel and can 'remember' their on-off status, which is shown by internal leds. each button can be set as one one of three modes - on only, on and off, or toggle.

you can enable controller update mode so that information changed on your computer will update the values stored in the killamix mini.

with the 9 channels available at the push of a single knob, you effectively have 81 endless controllers and 81 buttons at your fingertips in a very compact unit. (or 144 at the push of two knobs together)

the whole unit is attractively styled in a sturdy aluminium box, finished in brushed aluminium and with matching solid aluminium knobs.

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