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price : $235.00

mainly intended as a midi volume level indicator where high visibility is needed, the ld2 displays the level both numerically 0 - 127, and on a 20 segment bargraph. the ld2 isn't restricted to displaying volume only however, it can easily be re-configured to display the data value sent by any controller on any midi channel. factory default is controller #7 (midi volume) on midi channel #1.

features & specifications:
midi volume level indicator
can be easily re-configured to display the value of any continuous controller on any midi channel (default: cc#7 main volume, on midi channel 1)
level is displayed both numerically (0-127 or 0-20) and on a 20 segment green bargraph
multi-colour bargraph option available (13 green, 4 amber, 3 red)
can be used in the orchestra pit, onstage, offstage, at concerts, or wherever!
rugged metal construction
midi input
external 9v psu supplied (uk, eu, us)
1 year back to base warranty
dimensions 119mm x 54mm x 40mm small enough to fit comfortably on a synth or music stand
expansion options

when used in conjunction with the ld1 level display, the ld2 can also display the value of non-midi expression pedals, such as the roland ev-5, and optionally generate midi out. the ld1 can be used 'in-line', i.e. between the ev-5 and the synth.

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