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kenton electronics

price : $250.00

Basically this unit converts variable pedal information to MIDI. This can be from either of the standard variable pedal types (EV-5 or FC-7). Conversion can be directly from the pedal, or used in-line between the pedal and a synth (loopback). The LD-3 can phantom power an LD-2 to minimise power supplies and cables.

Features & Specifications:
MIDI controller generator from pedal input jack
Controller number selectable (CC)
Polarity selectable (tip or ring variable)
Can be used standalone or in loopback configuration
Can also generate switch information if required
Soft thru on/off selectable (MIDI In echoed to MIDI out)
Resend controller on prog change selectable
Auto calibration facility
1 MIDI Input, 2 MIDI outputs, 1 MIDI output for LD-2
Phantom power for LD-2
1/4" jack input for pedal (stereo jack)
1/4" jack loopback to synth (if required)
1/4" to 1/4" stereo jack lead for pedal loopback supplied
Can be used in the orchestra pit, onstage, offstage, at concerts, or wherever!
External 9v PSU supplied (UK, EU, US)
Rugged metal construction
1 year back to base warranty
Dimensions 160mm x 85mm x 40mm

Note that the LD-3 is intended to be placed on the floor and as such does not have a display other than a power indicator light. Editing should be done in conjunction with an LD-2 which will display the edit parameters on its display.

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