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midi usb host

price : $155.00

your usb device is plugged into the usb midi host instead of into a computer. it provides midi in & out sockets for usb midi keyboards and controllers which have only a usb b type socket. for example, used with a usb-solo, it allows the usb-solo to be used in a standard midi setup, just like a pro-solo. it has a usb host port (usb a type socket), a midi in and a midi out (both 5 pin din). midi data received at the midi in socket will be sent to the usb device. midi data received from the usb device will be sent to the midi out socket. the attached usb midi device must be 'class compliant'. the midi usb host is powered by a regulated 5v mains adaptor (supplied), and can supply up to 500ma of buss power to the attached usb device.

attractively finished in brushed aluminium with black screen print
dimensions: 110mm x 55mm x 32mm

power: 90ma, 2.1mm plug (centre positive) / 510ma available for attached usb device
dimensions: 110 x 55 x 32 mm
weight: 100g (excluding power supply)
midi: 1x in, 1x out - both 5 pin din power supply: 5v dc (regulated) - use only the supplied adaptor (never use an unregulated supply as unregulated supplies typically give a higher output than shown).

it is recommended that you attach your usb device to the midi usb host before applying power. then plug-in and power the power adaptor. the active led should be lit up. if you apply power with nothing plugged into the midi usb host, the active led will flash steadily; this is to indicate that it is waiting for a suitable device to be attached. if it is still flashing when you have attached your device, then it is possible that your device is not class compliant, however you could try turning off the power and start again.

some usb midi devices have two modes of operation and can be set to operate in class compliant mode even if this is not the default. the class compliant mode might be called "generic driver", the other mode may be called something like "advanced driver". consult the device manual to see if the mode can be set for class compliant. if you unplug then re-plug the usb cable while it is powered the device might reconnect, but it is not certain.

it is essential to use only the supplied 5v regulated power adaptor. applying a voltage higher than 5v to the midi usb host will probably not damage the midi usb host itself, but it could damage any 3 attached usb device as the 5v is passed on to the attached usb device for buss power. there is protection circuitry inside the midi usb host to protect against reverse polarity and over-voltage, but these should be treated as a last resort and are not guaranteed to prevent damage to an attached usb device in the event of over-voltage as the usb buss voltage could rise to 6.5v before being clamped. care should be taken to ensure that power adaptors for other pieces of equipment are not accidentally plugged into the midi usb host.

if the input voltage rises above 6.5 volts then power will be shut off. the led will go out and the unit will not operate again until power has been removed for at least 60 seconds. this allows time for the thermal fuse to reset.

look for a "generic driver" setting, your device must be class compliant. some devices (notably roland devices) have a setting for an "advanced" driver, if your device has this setting turn it off. most edirol products have this setting on by default and can be made to work by changing it - refer to the manual. check for firmware updates. some novation controllers/keyboards can have their firmware (software) updated and will work with the new version. this may only apply to the the remote audio, le or sl series, and not the 25/37 models.

download the manual here.

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