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kenton electronics
pro cv to midi

price : $159.99


high specification single synth cv to midi converter

designed to work with all types of cv input
super-fast response time
famous kenton build quality
high specification 16 bit a to d converter and reference for main cv input for rock-steady pitches
one cv and one gate input
cv/gate/aux inputs on 3.5mm mono jack sockets (3.5mm to ¼" cables are available in our cables section)
midi out socket (5 pin din)
any midi channel can be selected for output
switchable for v/oct & hz/v & 1.2v/oct scaling systems
gate mode selectable v-trig or s-trig
auto tune feature makes tuning really easy
fine tune & scale are adjustable using front panel buttons
transpose (coarse tune) - up & down 12 semitones
adjustable pitchbend range - maximum 48 semitones up and down
two aux inputs can convert other voltages to many other midi messages
can convert clock to midi

download the users manual here.

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