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kenton electronics
pro-dcb mk3 (14-pin cable for Juno 60s and some Jupiter 8s)

price : $299.00


pro-dcb mk3 (20-pin DCB cable for most Jupiter 8s)

price : $299.00

midi to digital synthesiser interface. bi-directional midi-dcb interface for juno 60s and some jupiter 8s (jp-8 must have an existing dcb or op-8 socket)

midi in/out and thru sockets
aux output (for vcf or vca control)
clock output (for syncing the arpeggiator)
fully programmable, midi syncable, built-in lfo with 9 waveshapes, including s&h.
dcb socket (for connection to keyboard)
settings stored in non-volatile memory
power supply 9 - 15v dc centre negative

supplied with a dcb lead to connect to your juno/jupiter.

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