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kenton electronics
pro-kadi (with trigger cable)

price : $299.00

pro-kadi (with wasp cable)

price : $299.00

Cheaper than a retrofit and nearly as effective, it can be used with the TR-808, TR-606, CR78, CR8000, Wasp and many, many more.

Most drum machines do need a small modification to run with this interface.

Kenton can supply and/or fit sockets kits to interface your drum machine with the PRO-KADI. Kits are available for the TR-808, TR-606, CR-78 and CR-8000, Simmons SDS-5 and 7.

This multi-mode MIDI trigger unit is highly configurable and capable of driving up to 13 outputs (0 & 5V).

Hundreds of other control applications exist, such as lighting control and robotics Can be used as a MIDI to GPI converter box, and to special order we can even supply a version which can control up to 13 servo motors - giving you MIDI to servo motor control (MIDI to pulse width). This is for the type of servo motors used in model control, which are controlled by a variable width pulse, usually centred around 1.5 mS (1500 uS). The motor position can be controlled by Note velocity or by MIDI continuous controllers (CCs). Please email us if you have any other specificic MIDI control project in mind.

Wasp Mode To Control Wasp/Gnat Synths
KADI Mode To Control Drum Machines With A Kenton Socket Kit
(Accent Threshold Adjustable In KADI Mode)
Trigger Mode: 13 TTL Outputs
TTL Outputs May Be Latching (High When Key Pressed), Or Pulses
Pulses May Be Positive Or Negative (Inverted)
Pulse Width Adjustable Between 100us-10ms (100us Steps)
Servo control version has adjustable pulses up to 2.5mS (1.5mS centre)
Long 250ms Pulse Width Available For Control Of Relays
Individual Note Numbers Assignable For Each TTL Output
Note Or Program Change Control Of Triggers Possible
(We May Be Open To Additional Suggestions For Methods Of Control)
Sync 24 and Arpeggio Clock Outputs
Variable Clock Divide Rate And Polarity
User Friendly Interface With 3 Digit LED Display
Power Supply: 9-15V dc 100mA
Dimensions: 165mmx96mmx42mm

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