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Kilpatrick Audio
Carbon: Sequencer and Performance System carbon
K1600: MIDI Converter k1600: midi converter
K2579: Step Sequencer k2579: step sequencer
K3020: Dual VCO k3020: dual vco
K3021: Master VCO k3021: master vco
K4815: Pattern Generator k4815: pattern generator
K4816: Pattern Generator k4816: pattern generator
K6100: Panning VCA k6100: panning vca
K6101: Dual Envenope k6101: dual envelope
K6501: Philter k6501: philter
KMIDI: MIDI Interface kmidi: midi interface
Konverter +5V Supply konverter +5v supply
Phenol phenol
Redox redox
Analogue Haven