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k6100: panning vca

price : $269.00

K6100: Panning VCA

dual high quality stereo vca / panner - 10hp

vcas are the heart of any system and the k6100 offers a small and flexible design that offers excellent performance in a small package. it looks great and sounds great, offering several different modes of operation. you can use it as two independent vcas or combined for ganged / stereo operation. each channel has an offset control that can be used to tailor the rponse based on your cv input source, or used as a manual volume control.

by using internal normalling connections, the input signals and cv signals are normalled to the second channel when only the first channel inputs are used. this allows you to use the k6100 as a dual vca with the same source, or as a stereo vca with the same control voltage signal. or, for that extra level of dimension use the pan in control to adjust the relative balance between the two channels.

features and specifications:
eurorack (3u) form factor - 10hp width
high-end vca circuits have optimimum noise performance and exponential response
panning circuit responds linearly to pan control and input voltage
cv in circuit responds logarithmically to amp control and input voltage
pan out jack offers an inverted version of the pan in signal as a utility for chaining the pan signal to control other modules
amp and pan offset controls allow fine tuning or full manual control
bi-colour (red/green) panning indicator shows the pan amount and direction
pan level control allows the panning cv input signal to be adjusted for different depths of modulation
requires +12v (40ma), -12v (40ma) - 16 pin doepfer-style power cable used - approx. 1.0w total power consumption
designed and made in canada using high quality parts.
warranty: 1 year

download the users manual here.

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