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k6501 philter

price : $229.00

K6501 Philter

eurorack multi-mode filter inspired by phenol - 8hp

the incredible success of the phenol patchable analog synthesizer has created a buzz amongst eurorack users. after being asked many times whether we would release any parts of phenol for eurorack, we finally created the k6501 philter, inspired by the amazing filters on phenol! offering the fat punchy sound and dirty overdrive when the resonance setting is high, the philter is redesigned to work with eurorack systems. it offers low-pass, band-pass and high-pass outputs simultaneously. each output contains a signal indicator showing when that output is active. philter has the same tone and range of control as the phenol filters in a compact package.

although it's only 8hp and looks quite tame, don't be fooled! the sound and tone colour is completely massive! philter will take even the tamest sounding oscillators and make them completely explode. try it with drum loops and other sounds, or just run your whole mix through a pair of them!

features and specifications:
eurorack (3u) form factor - 8hp width
filter circuit inspired by phenol and true to the sound and range of control
simultaneous low-pass, band-pass and high-pass outputs
unique two-pole design with special resonance limiter for huge peaks without oscillation
control over cutoff, resonance and fm level (voltage control of frequency)
all inputs and outputs are tolerant of ±12v
all outputs drive 10vp-p with 1k output impedance
requires +12v (20ma), -12v (10ma) - 16 pin doepfer-style power cable used - approx. 0.4w total power consumption
designed and made in canada using high quality parts.
warranty: 1 year

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